Environmental learning facility "Genki Yoshida village"

 We plan improvement of environmental learning facility so that opportunity of environmental learning contributes to many everybodies in Chichibu-shi.
 This facility was chosen as approach example that Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and NEDO technology development mechanism were like the advanced guidance of use of new energy in June, 2009 in "new energy 100 selections" that they chose. We were recognized as superior example of new energy introduction of local production for local consumption type that matched area. It is only two places of Chichibu-shi and Kawagoe-shi that it was chosen in Saitama.
 As opportunity of environmental learning, come to visit by all means.

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Quality of wood biomass generation facility (cogeneration facility of generation and heat utilization)

 For maintenance and reproduction of the forest which occupied 87% of city limits, we established first Japanese quality of wood system biomass gasification that used quality of wood tips such as thinnings which were unused biomass, gas engine cogeneration facility and performed generation business.
 We are stopping operation now, but, by fire that occurred on March 15, 2014, visit is possible.

Tempura oil recycling facility (BDF production that assumed used tempura oil raw materials)

 We recycle used tempura oil found at school lunch and home and produce diesel fuels.

Photovoltaic power generation (on roof of gymnasium than panel setting, LED light (Shibasaki in hall donation)

 There is PV system of 30kW on roof of no floor gymnasium of dust proofing finish.

Sanitation facility (drainage processing facility using microorganism)

 Using biomass, we handle drainage from bathing facility and restroom of spirit village.

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 Please send to kankyoritsushi*susumikaate by email or FAX after filling out the requirements to "visit application".

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 In "Genki Yoshida village", we can have various experiences other than environmental learning.

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