Room of pote bear


Thank you for the support of "mascot ® Grand Prix 2017"!

 pote bear "mascot ® Grand Prix 2017" "the last challenge!" We did this and tried vote promotion activity hard for order above 19 that was the entry number‼
 As a result of having publicized hard at runoff "mascot ® Grand Prix 2017 in triple Kuwana, Nagashima resort" held on November 18, 19th, it was in the local ranking twelfth place!
 Thank you for the support to pote bear, everybody!

Room of "pote bear"


 New image character of Chichibu-shi appears at last!
 The name is "pote bear", too!
 We got much support, and it was chosen by the last vote of all children, students of elementary and junior high school in the city.
 Everybody, kawaigattekudasaine ♡♡♡♡ ♡