Information for Chichibu-shi oldness and tax payment

Chichibu-shi oldness and the tax payment

 We follow natural environments that are rich in password in "nature and harmony of person" in Chichibu-shi, and all take each other's hands and aim at "the Japan's happiest town" to be able to live for lively brightly.
 Rich nature of Chichibu gives clean water and air bringing up life and sends human resources playing an active part in various fields out. In addition, citizens are united and have people visiting Chichibu for heart of hospitality warmly.
 We wait for native place, Chichibu-shi with connection, support of by the hometown tax payment including which wants to visit sometime heartily from now on because Chichibu-shi continues being with "oldness" full of charm.

Normal oldness and tax payment are this

Chichibu-shi oldness and the tax payment (usually)
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Crowd funding type is this

Chichibu-shi oldness and the tax payment (crowd funding type)
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Please be careful about frauds!

 Unfair request that talked about "Chichibu-shi oldness and the tax payment" is expected. Please be careful about fraud enough. City official plays the collection of money of "Chichibu-shi oldness and the tax payment" and we appoint account on the telephone and demand transfer, and, as for demanding operation of ATM, there are none at all.

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