Information for Chichibu-shi oldness and tax payment

We paid our tax with Chichibu-shi oldness and renewed!

 From October 8, 2015, "Chichibu-shi oldness and the tax payment" were reborn newly.
We expanded privilege for contribution, and procedure and payment of donation became convenient more and more.

 Please use exclusive page of "Chichibu-shi hometown tax payment" (you open with new window) about the details including application and privilege.

Chichibu-shi oldness and the tax payment

 We wait for native place, Chichibu-shi with connection, support of by the hometown tax payment including which wants to visit sometime heartily from now on because Chichibu-shi continues being with "oldness" full of charm.


Please be careful!

 There is no that local public entity forces contribution by "oldness and the tax payment" entirely. Please be careful about frauds that talked about "oldness and the tax payment" enough.


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